Kenneth J. Higgins, CPA in Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Welcome,…I started my firm in 1982, after being in a Partnership in a medium sized firm in South Orange, NJ. I pride myself for maintaining an honest, family centered firm for over 28 years capable of handling Small, Medium and Large clients. I strive to consistently provide my clients with the extra attention they deserve, get to know them on a personal level and recognize that being a very good CPA is to become an integral part of their business while keeping accounting costs competitively low.
I began doing fraud and forensic work before there were official societies to join and as one example, I found out, on my own not because I was asked to, that some Insurance Agents were purposely overbilling my clients and I got them refunds in excess of $250,000 even though these same agents were referring allot of work to me. My goal is that a CPA should be someone that you can turn to when any situation arises, as a good CPA has experience in so many other areas of Business and Life. I have dedicated my professional career to becoming that type of CPA if you are looking for a CPA to represent you with experience, intelligence and passion, then you have come to the right place.
My firm believes in taking the time to meet you, get to know you, discuss your questions with straight answers so that you can completely understand what is going on. I go over your needs and future plans taking into account all aspect of what is going on in your life. I still come out to see my clients , I do not charge for travel, and talking to them on the phone instead of using email unless it is required. I have found that by having a conversation with my clients something else always comes up that my client was not aware of that they could deduct.
I have many clients in many states who mail in their tax information and I review there packages and call them to insure that all of the deductions that they are entitled to are not missed. I use the latest tax software and e file tax returns. We all deal with the same numbers, it is who gets the best results for their clients that should be the determining factor in who you chose for your CPA.
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Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034
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