Mary H. Keady, CPA in Little Egg Harbor, NJ

We watch how your business is making your personal wealth grow. How YOUR business operates, how your staff assists your bottom line, how your customers make you money, and how your long term goals are satisfied is OUR business, This way WE improve YOUR results.
There are lots of forms, lots of rules, and you shouldn’t have to spend hours worrying about what it all means. We have the patience and we take the time to explain the purpose of necessary forms and important rules you must follow. We want you to know every aspect of your business’s requirements. We have the experience in the business world to guide you through the maze.
We can make this a “no hassle/get in done task.” With the correct year round planning, your tax preparation should be a simple by-product of efficient and professional accounting services.
Business owners of this century need to make good quick decisions based on finely tuned financial data. Our firm encourages our clients to allow us to assist them in using accounting information as a tool in making their business grow. Our financial statement presentation is easy for you to understand because we make sure you know the processes necessary to ensure that your business uses good accounting techniques.
We encourage our clients to prepare their books and records internally in order to have “hands on” experience with their daily cash flow. If you do not have the resources to do the bookkeeping, our staff will keep you up to date on a monthly basis.
Mary H. Keady, CPA
I’m very proud of the people working in our office and the service we’ve been able to provide to our community. Our knowledge and personal attention to tax and accounting matters save individuals and businesses time and money.
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