James L Hintzke CPA and Elder Care Planning Advisor, CPA in New Berlin, WI

For some time now, James L. Hintzke, CPA has been well-anchored in Rhinelander. He is a Wisconsin Certified Public Accountant with 30 years of experience in CPA practice, controllership experiences, and running his own business. As a trusted financial advisor, Jim has always catered to personalized service with a one-on-one emphasis.
From IRS Tax Problem Resolution and Tax Preparation to Elder Care Planning
Rhinelander Tax Problem ResolutionSome taxpayers have multiple years of unfiled tax returns while others are facing IRS liens, bank levies, and wage garnishments. Many taxpayers need significant help with estate, trust planning, and all-around IRS Tax Problem Resolution. Even non-profit organizations face tax problems. CPA elder care services provide long-term care planning, probate and estate administration, as well as assistance with evaluating the cost of retirement communities.
However, Jim Hintzke is more than a CPA who specializes in tax planning for individuals and businesses, retirement planning, and elder care planning. He is a trusted financial guide who serves the Northern Wisconsin Tourism Industry prominently throughout Oneida, Lincoln, and Vilas Counties, but is accessible to all Northern Wisconsin counties.
Tax Representation Services in Rhinelander
Tax preparation is not the only service from which Wisconsinites benefit. For expert tax representation services in Rhinelander – along with other Northern Wisconsin communities in Oneida County and beyond – CPA Jim Hintzke has the ability to maneuver through the IRS and WI Department of Revenue channels quickly and efficiently. If you’ve heard Jim Hintzke’s placement on Eagle River Radio, remember that ignoring your tax problems will NOT make them disappear. With Rhinelander tax representation services available to individuals and small businesses, your financial life can be restored, successfully getting the IRS off your back.
Taxes, Accounting, and Business Support
Jim Hintzke is an enthusiastic Northwoods fisherman with decades of experience turning water into foam by constantly casting lures into local lakes and rivers. It’s only natural that with a fellow fisherman in their midst, local business owners utilize his CPA experience for Wisconsin tax issues unique to their industry. Resorts, restaurants, and retailers are just a few of the businesses who rely on Jim for taxes, accounting, and business support. In the Wisconsin tourism industry, sales tax audits are quite common. Yet with Jim’s financial assistance, IRS tax problems can be successfully navigated to get the IRS off your back.
Tax Identity Theft Resolution
As an adviser who helps with the tax situations of everyone in need, Jim is always excited to help new clients in Rhinelander and the surrounding Northern Wisconsin communities. With professional and completely confidential accounting services, all IRS trouble is treated with strict confidentiality, stringently adhering to the accounting and tax profession Code of Ethics.
Tax Identity Theft Resolution
Jim Hintzke’s commitment to the enforcement of confidential information is especially important, as the IRS continues to battle the issue of Tax Identity Theft. Nothing is more of an eye-opener for taxpayers than when they determine they cannot file their tax return electronically, shocked to discover their social security number has already been used on another tax return for the current tax year. What has occurred is Tax Identity Theft, and the taxpayer soon realizes they have become a victim. Someone stole their social security number to file a tax return, claiming a fraudulent refund. Jim will work closely with the IRS Identity Theft Resolution Unit to expedite the taxpayer’s refund, assess taxpayer safeguards in protecting sensitive identity information, and assist the taxpayer in assessing any other compromises that may have affected their personal finances.
Plan Like Your Retirement Is Tomorrow
If you are an individual or business owner within the Wisconsin tourism industry, specific tax problems are likely hindering your financial future. All of that worry creates a drowning sensation. The right tax representation is key to reducing your pain and suffering. This is how James L. Hintzke, CPA takes care of you.
Jim is like “the early bird who catches the worm”, practicing at the forefront of newly enacted tax laws, supported by actively updating his knowledge of ever-changing IRS and state tax laws. It’s in his nature. Jim actively fishes the Northern Lakes to gain a better understanding of fishing biology and the impact of weather on game fishing. Jim has experience with inland fishing and fly fishing, as well as deep sea fishing. Jim says understanding the importance of fishing patterns and how they are impacted by biology and weather is just as critical to understanding how changing tax laws affect taxpayers and their finances.
By being so familiar with the Rhinelander area and its surrounding communities, Jim sees firsthand how different people benefit from his financial consulting services: the tournament participant who feels more financially sound entering the next tournament, the fishing guide who has more marketing dollars saved to spend on greater seasonal exposure, the real estate broker with the Northwoods cabins for sale who now has more to invest in reaching buyer markets in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois…no matter the circumstance, a brighter financial future is always the end goal. As Jim likes to say to clients, “I plan like your retirement is tomorrow.”
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