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Daniel J. Johnston, CPA can provide you with assistance in all your tax, financial, and business affairs — assistance that will improve your total financial well-being.
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It is our job to see that you pay no more tax than the law requires.
We monitor the changes in the tax law that could affect you and recommend tax saving strategies. We will prepare all your tax returns and serve as your advocate in all tax matters.
If you are contacted by any government agency concerning your tax matters, your first call should be to us. We will take care of it so that you can get on with your business.
There is a certain mystique that has grown up around tax planning and tax-cutting techniques. We are here to put tax planning in plain English for you.
There are actually several basic tax-cutting strategies, and most plans involve one or a combination of them. In a nutshell, the strategies are:
Splitting income among several family members or legal entities in order to get more of the income taxed in lower brackets.
Shifting income from one year to another in order to have it fall where it will be taxed at the lower rate.
Shifting deductions from one year to another to place them where the tax benefit will be greater.
Deferring tax liability through certain investment choices and through pension plan contributions.
Structuring your affairs to obtain a tax deduction for some expenses paid for things you enjoy — a vacation home, for example.
Investing your money to produce income that is exempt from either federal or state income tax, or both.
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Jenson & Spratling, LLP, CPA in Pendleton, OR

About Our Firm
For decades, Jenson & Spratling, LLP has been a trusted source for quality, personalized financial guidance and tax services to individuals and businesses throughout the region and points beyond. The firm’s expertise ranges from basic tax management, accounting and payroll services to more in-depth specialties such as mergers and acquisitions, business and farm sales, trust and estate planning and servicing, financial statements, and retirement planning.
Jenson & Spratling, LLP is one of the leading CPA firms in and throughout Northeast Oregon and Southwest Washington. By combining our expertise, experience and the team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Our dedication to high standards, hiring of seasoned tax professionals, and work ethic is the reason our client base returns year after year.
Our Mission
Our mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of our clients’ needs through research and sound analysis. Jenson & Spratling, LLP is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism. We have been a staple of Pendleton’s business community for years, and pride ourselves on the level of esteem we have earned.
Our dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community throughout the region. We believe this to be a direct derivative of our talent and responsiveness to our client base. Whether you are a current or prospective client, rest assured that individuals and businesses who choose Jenson & Spratling, LLP receive competent and timely advice.
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