BMD Professional Consulting, CPA in Reston, VA

Spearheaded by Birhanu Demissie, CPA, MSAC, a veteran financial specialist with over 15 years of accounting experience, BMDPC successfully serves the financial needs for nonprofit, government contractors, and small business organizations.
A brief summary of Mr. Demissie’s background is as follows:
•Since 1999, Mr. Demissie has been refining his skills. He gained substantial experience with identifying and resolving the challenges faced by nonprofit organizations and small businesses, as well as preparing and reporting accurate and timely financial information to various stakeholders who rely on these reports for decision-making purposes.
•Birhanu has worked with several public accounting firms including Raffa and Grant Thornton.
•Birhanu founded BMD Professional Consulting, LLC to bring his experience to nonprofit organizations and small businesses in the Northern Virginia Metro area, by providing customized accounting, payroll, and tax services at affordable rates.
“Since 2008, BMD Professional Consulting LLC has been instrumental in the ongoing financial and accounting security of my business. They not only are consistent with providing accurate and timely numbers, but have also been very flexible over the years with our busy schedule. BMD Professional Consulting LLC has far exceeded our expectations since the beginning and has continued to impress us with their financial and accounting knowledge as well as the professionalism they demonstrate over and over again. As a business owner, I understand how important timely, accurate and ethical accounting activities are, especially when new tax laws are created each year. Birhanu has been exceptional with respect to understanding these tax laws while also providing a first-class service of explaining each of them. I can, and have recommended BMD Consulting to anyone who is seeking a financial and accounting service that exceeds all expectations.”
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