Keiser & Keiser, P.A., CPA in Towson, MD

We are a full-service Accounting firm licensed in MD. We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly.
Our firm is one of the leading firms in the area. By combining our expertise, experience, and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention.
Our Values
Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.
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John B. Barry, LLC, CPA in Towson, MD

At John B. Barry, LLC, we provide accounting, tax, estate planning, and valuation services for our clients. Our team serves a range of clientele from individuals and families to small businesses and large corporations. Our clients are our partners. We know that for our partners to operate efficiently, a strong relationship built on communication and team work is essential.
We offer a unique, multi-faceted and comprehensive approach. Our dedicated and experienced team of Certified Public Accountants, Attorneys at Law, and Certified Valuation Analysts are prepared to provide our partners with tools and knowledge for all stages of life. Whether it is establishing or maintaining a large or small business, seeking guidance for your personal financial goals, or planning for retirement, partner with us.
John B. Barry, JD, CPA/ABV, CVA
John began his professional career with Arthur Andersen and Price Waterhouse before forming John B. Barry, LLC (the”Firm”) in 1990. As the founder and principal, he is responsible for leading and guiding the team in accomplishing the Firm’s mission. He oversees and manages taxes, outsourcing engagements, legal engagements, audits, and the overall management of the Firm.
John possesses an in-depth knowledge of multi-state tax issues, taxing authority audits and examinations, and complex tax matters. As a lawyer in Maryland, John provides legal advice to clients in business, estate, and tax matters. Employing his diversified experience, he blends tax, legal, and business acumen to assist clients.
A Certified Valuation Analyst designation enhances John’s ability to serve his clients. Additionally, John is credentialed with an additional CPA designation of Accredited in Business Valuation
John obtained his law degree from Marquette University and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. John’s University. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Maryland Association of CPAs, Maryland Bar Association, and National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.
300 Allegheny Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204
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Scott A. Bertuzzi, P.A., CPA in Towson, MD

Scott A. Bertuzzi, P.A. can provide you with assistance in all your tax, financial, and business affairs – assistance that will improve your total financial well-being.
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We want you to get the best financial and tax help possible. If you have a question which is not addressed here, please contact us via e-mail: or by phone: (410) 337-7149.
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Business problems and their solutions are as varied as the kinds of businesses in existence. There are some issues, however, that every business faces. Whatever your business concerns, we can provide the help you need.
Whether you are starting a business or operating a going concern, we can help you select the proper organizational structure and help you secure adequate financing. We will work with you and your banker, lawyer, insurance agent, and other advisors to solve your business problems.
We can assist you with loan applications, pricing, credit policies, cash flow concerns, cost controls, and other management issues. We will gladly assist you in reviewing your operations to see what you might do to be more profitable.
What makes a business successful?
Never stop investigating ways to improve all areas of your business. The astute businessperson will seek information to assist him or her in making the changes necessary to stay profitable in a competitive business world.
Here are some ideas that could improve your profits:
Do your homework
Before you start a new business, be sure the community can support such a business. Some areas are not large enough to warrant certain specialty shops. A bicycle shop, for example, may take a population base of 50,000 people to make it profitable. A grocery store, on the other hand, can be profitable in a town of only a few thousand.
Carefully review business proposals
Business deals and special franchises which sound too good to be true usually are. We will gladly assist you in reviewing any business purchase or business proposal.
Enlist the services of professionals
Accountants, bankers, insurance agents and lawyers can help you solve your business problems. These professionals handle a variety of business problems every day. They make excellent sounding boards for proposed transactions.
Check reasons for incorporating
Don’t incorporate your business without first checking the long-range tax and nontax considerations. There are many small corporations that would have been better off operating in some other legal form.
Make payroll deposits on time
Some businesses receive penalties for late payroll tax deposits. To avoid such problems, don’t sign payroll checks unless the first check in the stack is the payroll deposit to your bank. This may have you paying deposits earlier than required, but you will not be receiving penalties.
Listen to your customers
You are not only selling products or services, you are selling customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers return to spend more money and are likely to refer new customers to you.
Strive to retain customers
It is estimated to cost ten times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain a current customer through good customer service.
Don’t make yourself indispensable
If your company runs well now in your absence, it will run well in the event of your disability or death. If you are currently indispensable, start training people now. One of the most rewarding forms of retirement is to own your own company and to be absent as much as you like.
Give us a call for a no-charge initial conference. You should interview us, as you would any professional, to determine if we will be a good long-term match for you and your business. If we don’t have the answer to your problems, we will assist you in locating someone who does. We always welcome your questions.
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