Tamarind Tribeca, Indian Restaurant in New York, NY

Known earlier as the Tamarind Restaurant, a recipient of a prestigious Michelin star in the Flatiron section of Manhattan, the Tamarind Tribeca, now at its new home is the definitive restaurant where one can experience Indian Cuisine in its purest form with a contemporary touch. Under the patronage of Avtar Walia, the restaurant has been recalibrating the perception of Indian food & fine dining with it’s team of highly skilled chefs and wait staff who represent the cultural and culinary diversity of India with the sensibility & sophistication that contemporary times demand.

The Tribeca District for long has been a melting pot for the old and the new. Tamarind follows the tradition of Tribeca and presents its guests with the classical flavors of Indian Cuisine with a modern sensibility and ethos of 21st century New York.

With the One & Only Mike Tyson
What happens when one of the most renowned boxers in the world happens to be a fan of your restaurant? No doubt the result is a really interesting and awesome conversation over a delicious meal. Here, Mike Tyson talks about his love for food and cooking with Mr. Avtar Walia, the owner of Tamarind Tribeca and the host, Mrs. Lisa Mateo. Mike discovers and relishes various Indian creations while Mr. Avtar Walia impeccably guides the guests through delectable dishes like Hara-Bhara Kebab, Puris and the specialty of the restaurant, Chicken Tikka Masala.

99 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212.775.9000, 212.775.9001
E-mail: tamarindnyc@tamarindtribeca.com, tamarindprivateparty@tamarindtribeca.com
Website: https://tamarindtribeca.com

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