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New York real estate attorney Joshua C. Price has concentrated on real estate law from his entry into the profession in 1997. His ability to integrate a solid practical understanding of local real estate markets and business practices with sound negotiation and litigation strategies benefits both residential and commercial clients on either side of a transaction.

His thorough preparation and energetic advocacy in litigation has won him a reputation as a formidable courtroom lawyer. His insights into the practical application of New York real property law makes him a valuable lecturer and seminar leader in continuing legal education programs.

Our law firm is fully committed to individualized client service in all engagements, no matter what side of the case we’re on or who our client happens to be. We know that each client expects and requires ready access to the attorney who is handling the case, and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to client questions and concerns promptly.

New York Personal Injury Lawyer
As well as advising clients in real estate matters throughout the five boroughs and Long Island, our office also represents people with personal injury and property damage claims resulting from negligence.

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